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Dichtungslose Pumpen nach API 685

Hermetisch dichte Pumpen mit Magnetkupplung nach API 685 für den Einsatz in der  Petroindustrie

Die Spezifikation API 685  Seal-less Centrifugal Pumps for Petroleum, Heavy Duty Chemical and Gas Industry Services  definiert die Ausführung und Spezifikation für dichtungslose Pumpen in petrochemischen Anlagen und Raffinerien 

API 685 Ausführung, doppelter Magnettopf mit Leckageüberwachung

  • Temperaturbereich: -150°C bis +450°
  • In Edelstahl , Hastelloy oder Alloy 20,  316 Stl Stl / HC / Duplex
  • Dichtungslos - Emmissionsfrei DIN 22858
  • Ausführung Hochdruckausführung bis 130 bar
  • Differenzdruck, Hochdruckausführung  bis 700bar Systemdruck
  • Ideal für: Prozesschemie, Raffinerien, Petrochemie, Pharmazie, Radioaktive und giftige Flüssigkeiten, Thermalöle, Kältemittel
The CN MAG-M API pumps from M Pumps are heavy duty centreline-mounted centrifugal pumps, 
designed for the Petrochemical industries.  
These magnet drive leak free pumps are back pullout design single stage volute casing pumps with closed impellers 
that meet the performance and dimensional requirements of API 685.  
As well as different material options, high temperature and high system pressure versions of the CN MAG-M API series are also available.

Weitere Pumpen anch  API 610 für konventionelle Kreiselpumpen.

These multi-stage centrifugal pumps from M Pumps conform to the requirements of API 685 
and are designed for high differential head applications in the petrochemical sector.
  • Capacities to 300 m3/hr
  • Differential heads to 700 metres
  • Maximum system pressure to 100 bar
All the CN MAG-MS API ranges are magnetically coupled and so are leak free,
 making them ideal for pumping hazardous, toxic and dangerous liquids safely.  
M Pumps' patented energy saving hybrid rear casing technology is available on the CN MAG-MS API series, 
helping to keep operating costs to a minimum.

Features & Benefits

Hermetically sealed, leak free design
No rotating seals to fail means reduced downtime and less lost production, no cross contamination of the pumped liquid, no process fluid wastage, no environmental hazards due to leaks, increased operator's safety with process fluid containment
Choice of chemical-resistant wetted materials
Extend pump life and increase time between servicing
Secondary containment options available
Prevents any leakage in the event of ball bearing failure
Patented hybrid rear magnet-can design available
Reduces power required, improves energy efficiency
Barrel design - one piece casting
Reduced environmental hazard
Low flow pumping at high differential heads
No need to bypass excess flow, simple installation
API 685 Pumpe mit Magnetkupplung
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